Sea Sense Training Programmes

Training hotel staff in sea turtle conservation techniques
Handicrafts training for women in Mafia Island

Sea Sense is committed to providing training, developing the skills of local people and building capacity in coastal communities to promote sustainable management of marine resources.

Sea Sense training programmes focus on increasing knowledge and understanding of the role of endangered marine species in the wider marine ecosystem and the impacts of human activities on their survival. Training workshops and seminars are a regular feature of the Sea Sense work programme and previous participants have included local fishers, Ward and District Officers, tourism operators, school teachers and police officers.

As part of the sea turtle ecotourism initiative, Sea Sense has provided training to hotel staff in sea turtle biology and life history and Codes of Conduct for sea turtle viewing. The training has proven to be extremely valuable as hotel staff are often the interface between tourists and the sea turtle during the viewing experience.

To reduce pressure on marine resources and develop alternative sources of income for coastal communities, Sea Sense has provided training in handicrafts production to a group of 40 women in Mafia Island.  The women have since received training from Mafia District Council in entrepreneurial skills including marketing, pricing and management of revenue. The products are on sale to visitors to Mafia and are generating important revenue for the community.


Did you know?

Over a quarter of the Tanzanian population live in the coastal zone and rely solely on marine resources for their livelihoods.


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