Sea Sense Board of Members

Sea Sense is governed by a Board of Members which takes overall responsibility for the Organization, including responsibility for identifying key risk areas, considering and monitoring decisions, considering significant financial matters, and reviewing the performance of management. The Board is also responsible for ensuring that a comprehensive system of internal control policies and procedures is operative, and for compliance with sound governance principles. The Board meets at least once per year. An Executive Committee comprising five members of the Board (including the Chair and Treasurer) meets quarterly. The Board delegates the day to day management of Sea Sense to the Director of the Organisation.

The Board of Members is chaired by Professor Yunus Mgaya (Tanzania Commission for Universities) and members include Dr Magnus Ngoile (UDSM), Melkiory Ngido (Deloitte Consulting Ltd), Catharine Joynson-Hicks, Matt Richmond (Cowi Tanzania Ltd), Jeremiah Daffa (WWF Tanzania), Jason Rubens (Sound Oceans Ltd), Dr Blandina Lugendo (UDSM) and Mathias Igulu (Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute).

Did you know?

Sea turtles return each nesting season to lay their eggs on the same beach on which they themselves were born.


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Expected Green Turtle Hatching Dates in January 2019

16th & 24th
South Beach
Mafia Island