Sea Sense Funding

Born Free Foundation

The Born Free Foundation has been a supporter of Sea Sense since the very beginning in Mafia Island. Their commitment to endangered species conservation in the wild is world renowned. The Born Free Foundation provides much needed support for the day to day running of the Sea Sense office in Dar es Salaam where all projects are planned and coordinated from.


WWF supports endangered marine species conservation in Rufiji, Kilwa and Mafia Districts which are collectively known as the Rufiji-Mafia-Kilwa (RUMAKI) Seascape. RUMAKI is a priority area within Coastal East Africa on account of its abundant fisheries resources and marine biodiversity. Mafia District supports Tanzania’s most important population of nesting green and hawksbill turtles and the Rufiji Delta is home to the last known population of dugongs in Tanzania. Within this context, Sea Sense works with coastal communities in Rufiji, Kilwa and Mafia to engage them in conservation efforts and promote the recovery of these species in Tanzania.


The US Agency for International Development (USAID) is currently funding sea turtle conservation efforts in Pangani District as part of the larger PWANI project.  PWANI is an ecosystem-based management initiative targeting the Northern Tanzania Seascape.  Cross-cutting in nature, it recognizes that poverty, gender, climate change, population and HIV/AIDS can be significant constraints to conservation.  The overall goal of the project is to sustain the flows of environmental goods and services; reverse the trend of environmental destruction of critical coastal habitats; and improve the well being of coastal residents.  Sea Sense is working with project partners to develop sea turtle ecotourism as an alternative income generating activity and build capacity to manage coastal resources sustainably.

UK Department for International Development

In early 2013, Sea Sense secured funding from the UK Department for International Development (DfID).  Funds were awarded to Sea Sense under their Accountability in Tanzania (AcT) programme, which aims to increase the responsiveness of the Government to citizens of Tanzania. Funding from AcT will support Sea Sense's efforts to improve governance in the fisheries sector by developing capacity of community based fisheries managers and strengthening their links with other fisheries stakeholders.

Dar es Salaam Charity Goat Races

Each year the Dar es Salaam Charity Goat Races raises millions of Tanzania Shillings for small, local organisations and charities that are making a significant and sustainable impact though their work and benefiting the wider community within which they work.  Sea Sense has received considerable support from the Goat Races Charity over the past few years which has funded a marine education seminar for local fishers, an environmental art project for secondary school pupils and a back-up power supply for the Sea Sense office.  In 2013, Goat Races funding will support a Theatre for Development project in Temeke District.

Corporate Donations

Sea Sense has been fortunate enough to receive support for two marine education projects from Dominion Tanzania Ltd and Resolute Tanzania.



Did you know?

A female dugong (cow) produces a single calf every 2.5 to 5 years, after a gestation period of 14 months.


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