Sea Sense Latest News!

First satellite tag deployed in Pangani!

The unique biology of sea turtles enables us to calculate when female turtles are likely to...[more]

Cleaning beaches, supporting life.

Flip-flop recycling has begun in earnest in Mafia Island! After months of fund raising, Sea Sense...[more]

Sea Sense on TV!

This past week the Sea Sense team has been in Dodoma, at the annual Nane Nane Exhibition. The team...[more]

Did you know?

A female dugong (cow) produces a single calf every 2.5 to 5 years, after a gestation period of 14 months.


Women Against Dynamite Fishing

Last week Sea Sense held a meeting of 46 female fish traders in Temeke District to raise awareness...

Expected Green Turtle Hatching Dates in April 2014

South Beach
Mafia Island